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Our commitment to civil rights, our strong work ethic, our significant civil rights advocacy experience, and our client-centered practice has helped us achieve tremendous success throughout California. We have successfully removed barriers to disabled access, and modified or eliminated discriminatory policies and procedures, in a variety of businesses and government facilities. For example:
We have brought a significant number of hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, movie studios, amusement parks, and universities into compliance with access codes and regulations. 

We have also engaged in litigation against the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Superior Courts, Cities and Counties, University of California campuses, and community college campuses, to modify or eliminate discriminatory practices and to bring physical facilities into compliance with access codes and regulations.

We have litigated against large property owners and management companies, homeowners associations, and national rental housing providers to ensure our clients are free from housing discrimination, and have also sued national employers to obtain reasonable accommodations for our clients.

By working to remove physical access barriers and eliminate discriminatory policies, we are doing more than change the physical environment – we are working to create a world where all persons are able to fully and equally access public and private facilities, housing, government programs, employment opportunities, and public and private services, without respect to their disability status.