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We engage in client advocacy, including litigation, throughout the State of California. Many of our clients are people with disabilities who primarily come to us seeking to enforce their right to full and equal access to places of public accommodation. "Public accommodations" is a broad category that includes all businesses that are open to the public throughout California, such as shopping centers, restaurants, theaters, movie studios, hotels, hospitals and medical centers, and amusement parks. Often, we are also contacted to assist clients who have not been afforded equal access to a government agency’s programs or services, such as not being able to access the services offered at a government-run building or encountering access barriers or discriminatory policies at a university campus. Therefore, we also litigate cases against public agencies, including agencies of the State of California, county and city agencies, and public schools and universities.

With our commitment to civil rights, we also handle housing discrimination cases on behalf of tenants or owners, or prospective tenants or owners, who have been denied the opportunity to fully use or enjoy housing based on their disability, race/ethnicity, gender, familial status, or other protected classes. We also litigate employment discrimination and personal injury matters.