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    Happy, middle aged, disabled woman sitting on a wheelchair.
    Specializing in civil rights litigation
    We are a civil rights law firm specializing in the protection
    of the rights of individuals with disabilities by seeking
    the removal of access barriers in places of public accommodations.
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    Commitment to disability rights
    For more than 10 years, our firm, formerly known as Metz & Harrison,
    has achieved significant, lasting changes that improve the quality of life
    for people with disabilities in multiple ways – retail, from full and equal
    access to healthcare and education to shopping, and entertainment.
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    Civil Rights Advocates
    We are, however, more than civil rights litigators - we are civil
    rights advocates and activists, working to eliminate disability
    discrimination in all forms.

Specializing in civil rights litigation

The Harrison Law Group (formerly Metz & Harrison) is a civil rights law firm specializing in disability rights litigation throughout California. We strive to ensure that persons with disabilities are able to live independent and fulfilling lives. We help achieve the removal of physical barriers to disabled access and modification of discriminatory policies and practices in California's businesses, housing, and government agencies. As a firm that is committed to furthering civil rights, we also assist our clients in other legal and non-legal matters, including housing discrimination, employment discrimination, and personal injury claims, on a case-by-case basis.